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By Nicole Denson | February 20, 2023 | 5 min read

If you’re ready for a one-stop shop where you can access an entire collection of free resources, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been busy creating these to help you stay on top of your digital marketing game.

Here are our 9 FREE tools and a brief introduction to each one. Take a look!

calculate lifetime value

Still one of our favorite resources and one that we play around with all the time! If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to take a look. Use our custom digital marketing calculator to estimate the best budget for you. Just input the industry you’re in, your annual revenue, and how aggressive you’d like to be. We’ll crunch the numbers and deliver a suggested budget amount that matches your criteria.

bar graph showing an upward trend over time ending in 2023

We surveyed 11 marketing experts to get their input on the future of digital marketing in the new year. These experts have backgrounds ranging from Fortune 500 CMOs to channel-level thought leaders in SEO, content, digital advertising, and more. Find out how these seasoned experts plan for 2023 in the ever-changing digital marketing space mixed with continued recession fears.

person working on a laptop

What if we also told you there was a way to further bolster your SEO efforts and get you in front of your target audience in a matter of minutes? Yup, PPC can do just that. PPC can be a bit confusing for those just getting started, so we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. Here we discuss what PPC is, why it matters, how it works, and much, much more.

person browsing chart statistics on mobile

It’s hard to play in the big leagues without being rightly equipt. But figuring out which tools work best for you and your business can be overwhelming. So we did the work for you. This extensive list of tools is jam-packed with the most useful resources. In fact, here at Big Leap, we use most of these ourselves.

man using a tablet

Even when you’re at the top of your industry, you can’t remain stagnant. It’s imperative that you always look for opportunities to grow and improve your business. One way to do that: keep an eye on your competition. Use this Competitive Analysis Worksheet to conduct a thorough dive into what’s going on in your industry.


If you haven’t heard of Core Web Vitals, here’s your chance. It’s the latest in Google’s algorithm updates and it has the potential to make or break your rankings. To help you navigate the changes AND ensure your site is as healthy as can be, we created this checklist. Use it to assess, fix, and track your site’s health. After all, no one wants to be on Google’s bad side! 

what is seo

You’ve probably heard of this weird acronym. Maybe you’ve been told you need it to be more visible online and gain more business. Or heck, maybe you’ve already attempted to implement SEO into your website, only to have a strong urge to repeatedly bang your head on your desk (we don’t blame you, there’s a lot to learn). Whatever the case, we’re here to help walk you through it. Here’s everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization.

marketing automation

Marketing automation is an extension of the human touch. It’s about being conscientious about the needs of your audience to provide the right information at the right time. It’s about understanding your customers’ unique buying journey, so you can really speak with them. It’s centered on understanding your audience and tailoring messages to create a personalized experience, which can foster repeat customers.

amazon seo ebook

In this eBook you will learn more about where customers find your eCommerce business. From Organic Google Search to Google Shopping Results and even Your Amazon Webstore. Ask yourself: Do I have the lowest price or best ratings? Am I listed in the top 3-5 products? Learn and understand why any eComm business needs amazon and google and how to improve your SEO on Amazon in order to connect with more customers and sell more product. Read it now!

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