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eCommerce Digital Marketing Case Study with Sew Sweet Minky

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Project Overview

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Industry B2C eCommerce
Value Provided Boost in organic search, social media, and influencer marketing.

Project Overview

What began as a hobby turned into a successful business with over 600 employees—stay-at-home mothers who are able to support their families all thanks to Sew Sweet Minky Designs. Sew Sweet’s owner taught herself to sew and began creating minky blankets for her local community and soon, for people across the U.S. and overseas. Even with a growing customer base, Sew Sweet has been committed to providing high quality blankets hand sewn by real women.

With a growing company, finding compelling ways to continuously connect with your followers and, more importantly, increase your visibility to attract new customers is imperative. That’s why, in 2019, Sew Sweet reached out to Big Leap for guidance on boosting their online presence. Through a seamless relationship, we helped Sew Sweet grab featured snippets, secure first page ranking keywords, and increase their sales.


Our Strategy

Content Creation & Optimization

Through extensive research, our Digital Marketing team investigated all facets of the online realm and found that Sew Sweet’s main competitor owned most of the share of the land. So we looked at featured snippets, Google Knowledge Cards, People Also Ask sections, and other sections of the SERP to help build a solid strategy around key opportunities.

Sew Sweet had a promising social media following, and our SEO experts knew that they needed to take advantage of this and present something visually compelling to gain traction with their audience. Through collaboration with our graphic design team, we crafted an eye-catching infographic that offered valuable information related to Sew Sweet’s product. We added this into one of their landing pages and optimized the page by sewing in an FAQ schema to help the content capture some visual real estate on the SERP.

Social Media Engagement & Influencer Marketing

Big Leap knew that simply having the infographic on Sew Sweet’s site wasn’t going to cut it—we needed to directly bring it to their audience. Not to mention, flesh the visual out on their social platforms in a way that would compel people to actually read the information. We figured out social-media-friendly ways to repurpose the infographic to make it more friendly, interactive, and help carve a deeper footprint in the online space.

When your content and brand get shared by influencers, not only does it drive traffic to your site, but it also earns you a greater number of high-quality backlinks. Our team executed a robust influencer marketing strategy that focused heavily on customized outreach. This garnered an exclusive spot at the CAA Super Bowl gifting suite in Miami, Florida, where we fostered relationships with NFL players and TV personalities to help spread awareness of Sew Sweet Minky’s high-quality products.

With a solid influencer marketing strategy, Sew Sweet expanded their reach across the country and saw sales come in from regions of the U.S. where they weren’t present before.


The Results

Through strategizing creative content and harnessing the power of social media, our team of SEO experts won featured snippet real estate and in the top three positions of the People Also Ask Section. Securing these vital sections of the SERP amplified Sew Sweet’s keyword game. They went from ranking for no keywords to ranking for seven in the top 10 positions and a total of 64 keywords in the top 100 positions. This campaign is fairly fresh, yet we’ve already seen promising growth in Sew Sweet’s organic traffic, even after a busy holiday season (October to December). And finally, with a solid influencer marketing strategy, Sew Sweet expanded their reach across the country and saw sales come in from regions of the U.S. where they weren’t present before.

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