Bryan Phelps

Bryan Phelps

CEO and founder of Big Leap

Expertise: Digital marketing, business development and agency management, training/mentoring

Education: Business Management/Marketing, Utah Valley University


  • Self-taught digital marketer since 2005

  • Founder and CEO of SEO agency, Big Leap. It began as a one-man startup in 2008 and grew into a thriving business of 70+ workforce members.

  • Managed over 1,000 SEO campaigns throughout his career

  • Family man and golf, basketball, and car enthusiast


Bryan got an early start with SEO in 2005. Introduced to SEO by a friend, he dove into several blogs, forums, and books to get his foot in the ground in the online marketing world. Soon enough, he built his own WordPress website and learned to drive organic traffic and revenue to it. 

These stepping stones transitioned into several key digital marketing roles from SEO specialist to SEO director to now, founder and CEO of his own agency—Big Leap. These roles enabled Bryan to gain a holistic understanding of the industry and digital marketing itself. 

Bryan started Big Leap in 2008 to assist business owners in building and capitalizing on trustworthy sources of organic and sustainable growth. Being one of the largest independent agencies, Big Leap carries the scale and experience of managing large-scale campaigns without the pressure of investor returns. This gives Big Leap the opportunity to focus on what’s best for the client and employees.

The expertise and experience he gained through 1,000+ SEO campaigns throughout his career not only helped Bryan gain familiarity with the ever-changing dynamics of the online industry, but it also helped him understand where Google was headed and why—key elements he continually aims to inject into client strategies today.

Bryan enjoys the balance of technical and creative skills digital marketing merits along with the training and mentoring opportunities the industry offers. His areas of expertise include: 

  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Agency management 
  • Product development

Outside of the digital marketing realm, you can find Bryan enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, playing basketball, and admiring good-looking cars.


Bryan has worked for over 18 years in digital marketing. He also formerly served as Utah’s Digital Marketing Collective (DMC) Membership Director where he helped host monthly education events and conferences.