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How Much Should You Spend On Digital Marketing?

Not Sure How Much To Spend On Marketing?

A company’s budget is dependent on a variety of factors like industry, revenue, and goals. But even if there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy, the good news is, we’ve dug up useful industry statistics in order to create a tool to help you establish the right budget.

We conducted extensive research in order to discover how businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries allocate budgets. It helped us develop calculations based on real data. So give it a try!

Use our custom digital marketing calculator to estimate the best budget for you. Just input the industry you’re in, your annual revenue, and how aggressive you’d like to be. We’ll crunch the numbers and deliver a suggested budget amount that matches your criteria.

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  • Low - cash is tight or we don't have the bandwidth for new customers but want to keep our marketing active.
  • Medium - we want to grow conservatively with a traditional marketing spend.
  • High - we have big growth goals and are ready to scale.
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Recommended Monthly Digital Marketing Budget

Disclaimer: These are recommendations based on industry stats but each business and industry is different. Some channels may be more important for your industry vs. the industry averages. Contact Big Leap to get a customized proposal.

The Thought Behind the Numbers

Spitting out a budget amount is great and all, but how did we come up with the calculations? Let’s just say we conducted hours of research to uncover all of the latest findings on marketing budgets and spending across revenues, industries, and channels. We were careful and methodical about using the research to build a calculator that would really be able to guide you in your decision making.

For a full account of our findings, check out the article here. It includes stats on:

  • Average marketing budgets per company size
  • Average marketing spend per industry
  • Average marketing spend per channel/service
  • Tips on creating a budget and planning for 2021

For help getting the most out of every dollar, contact us. We’d love to partner to take your company to the next level.

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