• 12+ years in digital marketing

  • Onboarded over 350 Big Leap clients

  • Loves adventures and travels with his malamutes and family


Zach has been in the digital marketing space for over 12 years. His industry career began with a marketing internship for Little Giant Ladders, which lends an excellent metaphor for his journey—a continuous step-by-step rise in the SEO marketing world. 

Early in Zach’s career, influential mentors helped him be effective and quickly grow into new roles. Zach feels that this experience established a continuous learning mindset, which has served him well.

Before his current role at Big Leap, Zach held several different digital marketing positions, including marketing intern, digital marketing sales manager, and client strategy manager. Throughout his career, Zach has onboarded over 1,000 clients, bringing on more than 350 of them during his time with Big Leap. Zach has worked with clients in numerous industries, including:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • eCommerce
  • Multi-location businesses

As Big Leap’s VP of revenue, Zach especially loves the constant change his role requires. Zach says he gets bored quickly, and he ignites his passion by remaining in a perpetual state of growth and adjusting his mindset to the fast-paced evolution of digital marketing.

One of Zach’s secrets to success is being an active listener, which helps him gain the best understanding of each client to devise custom-tailored strategies that exceed their goals. Zach attributes Big Leap’s leadership to impacting his effectiveness in his role by instilling a rare mix of creativity, hard work, and collaboration.

Zach feels that Big Leap’s leadership has impacted his career with the company’s unwillingness to cut corners. He’s also impressed by the leadership team’s philosophy that there’s not always a “sole priority secret sauce” for accomplishing things. 

Working with clients from such a broad range of niche industries has helped Zach quickly understand how to present topics in a way that “makes marketing make sense” to executive teams in different fields.

Outside of his time at Big Leap, Zach enjoys adventures with his two malamutes and traveling with his family. And, sometimes, people accuse Zach of being a “Disney Adult.”

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