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Site Migration SEO Case Study with Discover Healing

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Project Overview

Website discoverhealing.com
Industry Holistic Health
Value Provided SEO Recovery & Content Marketing

Project Overview

Most people don’t find their life’s calling at the age of 13, but when he was diagnosed with a potentially fatal type of kidney disease, the founder of Discover Healing suddenly wasn’t most people. The extremely painful illness was deemed untreatable by traditional medical professionals. But after a few weeks of treatment at an osteopathic practice, the pain was gone and doctors declared that the illness had gone into “spontaneous remission”. That’s when a 13-year-old boy decided to pursue a career in holistic health.

Discover Healing’s mission is to help people help themselves by sharing energy healing information and methods. They came to Big Leap in 2017 to increase quality leads and grow organic traffic under the company name Healers Library. A year later, they rebranded and recruited Big Leap to also help them successfully migrate their website to a new domain.

Keep reading to see how Big Leap turned Discover Healing’s website migration into an opportunity for greater growth, instead of the extended SEO hit that many companies experience.


Our Strategy

Our SEO specialists designed a customized three-point strategy: a comprehensive domain migration process, a continual high-quality backlinking campaign, and focused content creation. With this strategy, Discover Healing not only successfully migrated to their new domain, but keyword ranking results outstripped pre-migration numbers, with a 31.4% increase in top 10 positions.

Comprehensive Migration Plan

If a website migration isn’t conducted correctly, it can take a long time for a business to recover from the loss of rankings and/or traffic—if they recover at all. Our specialists designed a thorough, multipoint migration strategy that included technical SEO best practices to ensure proper configuration and a smooth transition to Discover Healing’s new domain. These measures were combined with a sophisticated, high-quality backlinking campaign for a one-two punch that led to a successful, comprehensive website migration.

Content Marketing

We didn’t stop with the website migration, either. Because we understand that online growth isn’t a one-time event, we also created a strategic content marketing campaign to bolster the traffic gains experienced from the domain migration.

This included both maximizing existing content and creating new content. One new piece ranks for 23 keywords in the top 10 positions, and ranks in the sixth position for a campaign focus keyword with over 6,000 searches per month. Organic page views also continually increased under the content marketing strategy.

Before the migration, 277 keywords ranked in the top 10 positions. After the migration, 364 keywords now ranked in the top 10 positions, an increase of over 31%.


The Results

Discover Healing experienced the typical dip in SEO and traffic immediately following their website migration, but quickly regained and then exceeded those numbers. Before the migration, 277 keywords ranked in the top 10 positions. After the migration, 364 keywords now ranked in the top 10 positions, an increase of over 31%. These strong keyword rankings, along with robust content marketing, continue to fuel organic session growth, which in turn increases Discover Healing’s quality leads. With Big Leap’s expertise, Discover Healing is now reaching more and more people with their healing message.

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We’re Here to Help

Is a website migration on your company’s horizon? Our specialists can help you not only transition seamlessly over to a new domain, but turn it into the growth opportunity your company is looking for. Contact us today to see how we can help you with a comprehensive strategy that goes above and beyond mere website migration.