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B2B Case Study with Paystand

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Project Overview

Increase in Conversions
New eBook Leads
Conversion Rate
Website https://www.paystand.com/
Industry B2B
Value Provided Improved website traffic, increased lead generation, and increased conversion rates
Project Overview

It’s impossible to disrupt an entire industry if no one knows who you are or what you do. 

Today, Paystand is defying the norms of  B2B payments by making them faster, cheaper, and more reliable. But when they first met with Big Leap, people didn’t know who they were, what they did, or the value of their product. 

Paystand wanted to improve lead generation and fill in significant gaps within their content funnel. After partnering with Big Leap in July of 2021, Paystand’s conversion rates increased by 52.46% in four months.

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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Big Leap created a customized content marketing strategy to help Paystand reach its goals. This created a strong foundation of content that: 

  • Expanded Paystand’s digital footprint
  • Built an audience of experts
  • Drove conversions

Content Style Guide

Paystand is an innovator in fintech and B2B payment processing; its audience demands unique and value-providing content. Because the target audience was niche and well-educated, our first step was to nail down how to reach that audience with a custom content style guide. Once that was made, we collaborated with Paystand to refine it to hit all the right notes while retaining their brand voice.  

Content Audit

Next, we performed a funnel audit which looked into the content pieces and their performance and discovered that Paystand’s primary lead generation winner was expert content like whitepapers and ebooks. These sources were already successful, and we wanted to capitalize and magnify those wins.

Long-Form Content Fulfillment—ebooks and Whitepapers

Each month we create two new compelling and researched ebooks. Each piece is an in-depth dive into specialty topics that highlight Paystand’s experience and knowledge of their field. This allowed Paystand to flex its muscles as industry experts, speak directly to its target audience, and generate more leads and conversions.

After the first six months, Paystand asked us to go even deeper by creating thought-leadership content—whitepapers. This content was even more successful in bringing more traffic to Paystand’s website and establishing them as experts. 

Long-Form Content Updates

With long-form content being the star, we created additional content to help point even more traffic to those lead generation winners. We crafted new blog content and updated existing content to focus on adjacent or complementary topics that naturally tied back to the ebooks. Each piece served as a teaser to generate more traffic to the long-form content and help boost conversion rates.

With Paystand being an innovator in the fintech space and a B2B service provider, their target audience demands unique and value-providing content. In the first six months of working with Paystand, Big Leap worked hard to nail down the best ways of speaking to that audience, and Paystand was able to use the ebooks not only as a lead generation tool but also as a lead nurture resource. The client was impressed with the work and asked us to go even deeper with longer, even more thought-leadership-focused content over the next 6 months.
They get results, they are ethical, they are transparent. They see what you need to do and partner with you to accomplish your goals. After years of working with them – I trust them completely.
Andy Selcho
Owner of AlphaGraphics, Sandy, UT


The Results

Paystand’s expert long-form content helped bolster their SEO and their authority and credibility in their industry. Their high-quality ebooks generated 290 captured leads with a 5.36% conversion rate.

Total Ebook Leads Paystand

If that were the only result, we’d be happy, but there was one rockstar ebook that stood head and shoulders above the rest. The rockstar ebook alone generated 191 leads with a 4.1% conversion rate.

Leads from Top-Performing Ebook

Conversions across Paystand's site increased significantly in only four months. Big Leap played a major part in the 52.46% conversion rate increase.

52.46% in conversions
Bolster the Quality of your Content with Big Leap

Big Leap built a solid content foundation that helped Paystand grow its business. We dug into the audience to find the best evergreen content opportunities while creating a simple custom strategy designed to reach a clear goal. 

Contact us today and learn how to use content to help your business grow.

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Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic