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Cybersecurity SEO Case Study with Cybersecurity Management

Project Overview

Total Organic Keywords
Increase in Google Positions
Increase in New Users
Industry Cyber Security
Value Provided Improved brand voice, keyword rankings and organic traffic
Project Overview

When our client initially met with us in late October or 2021, they told us that they had come to us as they had done some previous SEO but didn’t really get what they needed from it. They had heard good things and after meeting with Dan, were hoping that we could deliver on the below:

  • Great communication
  • Directness
  • Brand Voice is maintained throughout the campaign
  • Taking a leadership role in driving traffic to the site such as: do X, Y, Z to be successful for example
  • Keyword Ranking/Specific Keywords
  • Organic Traffic
  • How to leverage low traffic terms to have more traffic: remedy cloud (patches/fixes database)
  • How our client competes with its competitors for specific keywords

We assured our Client that as Big Leap is founded on trust and focused on relationships things like communication, directness, and taking the lead when asked shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever.

purple on serp

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Content Strategy

We explained to our client that following brand voice would absolutely be a priority for us and asked for a brand guide which they happily provided. We then discussed the content strategy as well and looked for opportunities to create content around specific vulnerability codes in an attempt to expand their expertise, authority, and trust on the subject with Google and grow some of the traffic in the future and write content that would grow the sites EAT across the board and increase relevancy within their industry to help increase rankings and traffic.

Keyword Strategy

When discussing the keyword strategy, we spent a good amount of time getting very specific in terms of their goals as what they do is very niche so we wanted as much guidance as possible to make sure we find the right keywords that are not only important for them but also drive traffic and compete with the right competitors. We let them know we would have research ready on our next call the following week. 

When we presented the strategy/keyword research they were very happy and felt and were impressed with our work and said that so far the entire experience with us was drastically different than the previous SEO. 

  • We had the right terms in our keyword research that only mildly needed to be adjusted for specific keywords they were interested in
  • We looked at competitors, what they currently ranked well for, what they didn’t rank for that our client did and vice versa to ensure that we were considering the competition in our research while keeping the client’s ideas in mind.
  • We had a fully baked strategy and things were ready when we said they would be
  • We communicated what we had done, what was next, and why we were doing what we were directly, clearly, and with purpose and recommendation
    • Finalize KWR
    • Track keywords 
    • Metadata recommendations 
    • Site Audit with recommendations for fixes
    • Working through content ideation
    • A complete organized content calendar that showed what needed to be reviewed, what was approved, what was implemented, and when
I was very excited to see all of the growth in the places that mattered most to our client! Seeing such great results in the first few months of this campaign shows how well they worked with us as an agency and these are the types of results that I want to provide for all of my clients! Not only was I happy about this but this client has told us they were very happy with the phenomenal results thus far in the campaign.
Micheal Alamo
They get results, they are ethical, they are transparent. They see what you need to do and partner with you to accomplish your goals. After years of working with them – I trust them completely.
Andy Selcho
Owner of AlphaGraphics, Sandy, UT


The Results

After only two months (January 2022) of work, we had seen an increase of 477 positions in Google rankings.

Cyber Security Google Analytics Data: Google Rankings are 43, Google Change is plus 477 and the volume is 192 K

We also saw very good organic traffic increases by January

  • 60% more sessions
  • 68% more users
  • 49% more page views
  • 69% more new users
  • 9% lower bounce rate

By the time we got to May, organic traffic showed almost nothing but growth

Organic Traffic 46.64% pageviews from october 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022

Since November, traffic to the blog has been increasing month-over-month. Much of this growth can be attributed to optimizations we’ve made to our client's blog (like new, keyword-targeted metadata), the site audit and implementation of site fixes, building backlinks to the blog, and ensuring that the site is healthy. We let them know that as we continue to create content that is relevant to our target audience, we anticipate organic traffic, keyword rankings, and leads to increase. 

The screenshot below is from SEMRush. It analyzes the keyword growth over the past year.  Since November, we have seen an increase in total keyword rankings month-over-month. This can be attributed to keeping the site healthy from an SEO perspective. During our site audit, there were a number of items to fix to ensure we were following best practices. Since this audit and implementation, we have seen increases month-over-month. As we continue to create content that is relevant to our target audience, we anticipate organic traffic, keyword rankings, and leads to increase for our client.

A graph reading this cyber security client's Organic Keywords: 5,502

We did this all through:

  • Content ideation 
  • Content creation
  • Content promotion
  • Creating/implementing optimized metadata
  •  Fixing technical site issues
  • Creating Schema code
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Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic