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By Ana Gotter | December 5, 2018 | 7 min read

Updated May 26, 2022

10 of the Funniest Reviews Online

If you wanted to describe most online reviews in one word, you might choose something like “informative” or “helpful” or “useful.”

But sometimes there’s no other word to describe certain reviews than hilarious.

A lot of people have a great sense of humor, and it shows up in the reviews they write for products, brands, and services. The impact of these jokes can vary wildly from helping a business sell more to resulting in them selling much, much less.

Either way, you can’t argue that the following reviews are incredibly funny. If you need a laugh, keep reading. We’re going to take a look at 10 of the funniest reviews online (including a business that accidentally trolls themselves!) and what you can do if you’re slapped with a similar review in the future.

1. A Bizarrely Sexist Product

When “funniest reviews” are said out loud, this will always be one of the first things that pop into my mind. A few years ago, BIC released “for her” pens, which came in “feminine” pastels and were smaller to fit women’s oh-so-delicate hands.

Can you hear the sarcasm?

Unfortunately for BIC, this was a product that was all too easy to make fun of. People got wind of the ridiculous branding and flocked to Amazon to leave reviews.

There were so, so, so many reviews that slammed the company for the product in the most amazing ways possible. BIC likely didn’t think it was too funny, but with a branding misstep like that, they probably should have expected it.

2. Three Wolves. One Shirt. ‘Nough Said.

A single t-shirt has become an inside joke of the internet and has cult-like notoriety.

One review went viral in 2009, simply stating the following:

People lost their minds. The entire comments section is now full of jokes, including one that swears it turned one man into an irresistible chick magnet. A shirt has been turned into an icon, and everyone wants to be in on the joke.

3. The Book That Was Taken Too Literally

A cute book for young children was taken a little too literally by a few jokester reviewers.

Several of the funniest reviews commented about how the book lacked a mystery because the answer to the title question was right there on the cover! There were no twists, and they found the book anticlimactic as a result.

4. It Worked TOO Well

This review is a great example of how storytelling can really sell a product. The below review shows a delighted customer who didn’t even hear a stabbing that supposedly happened in the apartment above him because he had those excellent noise-canceling headphones on.

Image source: Reddit

It’s a morbidly funny review. Headphones so good you couldn’t hear a stabbing go down. Probably not a bad idea that the company skipped out on that as a headline.

5. Not Enough Wolves

Wolves, apparently, are God’s gift to mankind if we’re to believe this list. And while the t-shirt that ranked towards the top of the list had three wolves, the Wolf of Wall Street movie had no wolves. Not outside of a metaphor, at least.

It only serves to show that anything could be better with wolves. If only they’d stuck with the shirt instead.

6. When Safety Doesn’t Come First

Sunshades are designed to be used when you’re leaving your car for a while, keeping it cool and preventing interior damage or fading. Everyone knows this.

That’s part of what makes this review so funny. They left a positive review with a positive rating so that it would still help the business, but threw in a little humor. The punchline: it works, but it’s super hard to drive with.

7. The Customer Strikes Back

When PS4 players bought their Star Wars Battlefront game, a few were all up in arms. In order to play multiplayer, which is advertised as being part of the game upfront, they needed to pay $50 a year for a PS4 membership.

A lot of customers were not happy about this, and understanding felt like they’d been ripped off. Some, including the review below, found a creative way to air their grievances.

8. Caffeine & Soap is Made for Jokes

ThinkGeek released a product called “Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap,” designed to help wake you up in your morning shower.

It didn’t take long for the jokes to come pouring in, with an unsurprising amount of jokes hilariously talking about eating the soap instead of using it in the shower, bringing a whole new meaning to “wash your mouth out with soap.”

Sometimes, the jokes about a product are better than the product itself. Unfortunately, due to a few 5-star reviews from more legitimate reviews, that might not be the case.

Jokes aside, as one person commented on this review, that one-star rating and a joke review can actually impact the business. It’s funny, but seeing a 3-star rating could deter customers from a 5-star product, damaging your reputation and keeping people from purchasing. We’re going to look at how to handle this in a minute.

9. Screaming… With Laughter

You really only need to see the title of this product in order to know that the reviews are bound to be good. “Scream Jar Voice Silencer Stress Releaser Shouting to Whisper Handy New Karaoke.”


The reviews did not disappoint, even though the customer jokingly said he had lots of hate and disappointment in the world that the product could contain. Oh, and you could put flowers in it, too.

There are a few more jokes on the page that are hilarious to read. It is, after all, a $50 jar to capture your “screams.”

10. The Business That Trolled Themselves

This one isn’t technically a review, but it’s too good not to share.

When I was looking for a car detailing company, I came across a page with some negative reviews. While reviews were relatively good overall, there’s been a flurry of negative reviews in the past few weeks.

They replied to reviews inconsistently; maybe they just didn’t have the time to keep up with it or didn’t want to address comments that they felt were true. Either way, one of the few reviews they responded to was clearly given to the wrong review on accident. A five-star review got an apology response that was clearly intended for another customer, with the owner ensuring the 5-star reviewer that it wasn’t “the type of service you should have received.” Moral of the story here: Go ahead and make sure that you’re responding to the right people. I laughed so hard seeing this, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

How to Handle Hilarious Reviews

These downright funny reviews might come along, and if they do, you want to know how to handle them.

In a lot of cases, playing into the joke can work if it’s all in good-natured fun. The Three Wolves One Shirt does this by joking that the shirt is a “masterpiece” in its description, and responding to funny comments with a sense of humor can go a long way.

Sometimes, however, funny comes at a cost. While businesses can benefit from hilarious reviews (see Three Wolves One Shirt), businesses can definitely be the ones to pay the price of the joke, too.

If someone who has never tried the product leaves a one-star review as part of the joke and doesn’t actually have any reason to object to the product itself, reach out to the review platform, which is often either Google or Amazon. You can flag the review as fraudulent. The companies will review them, and if the purchase can’t be verified (and if they’re obviously fake), they may pull them from the site.


Customers can have a wicked sense of humor, and if you can get in on the joke with them, it can help your business. Just make sure that you’re included in the joke instead of being the butt of it. Stay on top of the reviews, and do what you can to remove any that could actually be hurting your business.

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