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Local SEO Case Study with Pinnacle Roofing

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Project Overview

Increase in Keyword Rankings
New Local Citations
New Lead Conversions
Industry Home Improvement/Roofing
Value Provided Improvement in Organic Traffic, Keyword Rankings, and Conversions

Project Overview

Any business knows that service plus quality can create an unbeatable combination–but how do you get customers online to see you in order to know about your high quality and service? It isn’t just about projecting the right message onto more screens. It takes digging deep into the data and crafting the right strategy to reach your target audience.

Pinnacle Roofing & Home Exteriors was having trouble gaining traction in the digital sphere and sought Big Leap’s guidance in September 2019. They wanted to enhance their website in a way that would help spread the word of their high-caliber roofing services in the Northwest Arkansas region. Through data-driven research and optimizations, we helped Pinnacle Roofing rank for over 600 keywords on the first page of Google, and generate over 100 leads.


Our Strategy

Big Leap understands the power that data-driven decisions can bring to your business. This should be the basis of any marketing campaign. To help Pinnacle Roofing improve their online visibility, our team built a strong foundation through two strategies: metadata and content optimization, and local SEO.

Metadata & Content Optimization Based on Data-Driven Keyword Research

Pinnacle Roofing wanted to improve the look and feel of their website and produce more traffic and keyword rankings. Understanding that a strong SEO campaign requires thorough and specific analysis, our Digital Marketing experts dug deep into data-driven keyword research. We examined the services that Pinnacle Roofing offered and what they were currently ranking for to identify critical opportunities.

We then optimized all of their service pages, ensuring each page of content carried a high-volume or long-tail keyword that targeted local searches. This not only helped Pinnacle Roofing provide relevant content to their audience, but it also heightened their chances of being ranked on the first page of the SERP.

Local SEO through Citations and Service Area Pages

To influence consumer discovery and local search rankings, our Digital Marketing experts also focused on fleshing out a comprehensive local SEO strategy. Since Pinnacle Roofing’s services are geographically specific, we knew establishing locality was fundamental in helping them connect with those in their service area in need of roofing jobs.

To present them in the right business listings and local directories, we began by refining their Google My Business listing to construct uniform information. We then took that standard information and secured online real estate on prime sources to expand their digital footprint.

Our Digital Marketers also began creating service area pages in order to gain more visibility on the local level. This involved crafting content that outlined Pinnacle Roofing’s basic services and selecting keywords that carried substantial search volume in their target cities.

By setting up a well-organized Google Analytics account for our client, we discovered that we generated over 100 leads from their “Get My Free Estimate” site feature.


The Results

With Big Leap’s guidance, Pinnacle Roofing was able to garner more connections and race past their competitors. After we implemented our keyword research, metadata, and content improvements, their keyword rankings jumped up by 72% on Google and 57% on Bing. Overall, they have a total of 660 keywords ranking in the top 10 positions on Google. And it wasn’t just rankings they were able to dominate—Pinnacle Roofing also captured the answer box results for a keyword that further helped highlight their business.

Through our local SEO initiatives, we established over 40 citations for them, equating to more than 40 backlinks to their site. And finally, by setting up a well-organized Google Analytics account for our client, we discovered that we generated over 100 leads from their “Get My Free Estimate” site feature.

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Cover All Your SEO Bases with the Right Tools

Just how a home requires a hefty roof to stay protected, your marketing campaign needs a data-driven road map and the right people to cover all bases. So be sure to contact the SEO experts at Big Leap to discover how we can help you build the right strategies and boost your online presence today.