The Need for a Site Migration, New Service Pages & Improved SEO

B2B SEO Case Study with American Pest Control

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Project Overview

Ranking Positions Gained on Google
Increase in Organic Traffic
Service Pages Ranked #1
Business Type B2B & B2C Pest Control
Project Goals Improvement in Organic Traffic and Keyword Rankings

Project Overview

When it comes to attracting customers, businesses need to provide in-depth information about the unique services they offer. It’s not enough to make a list; customers want to know what the service is, how it will benefit them, and why they should get it from you. Otherwise, you won’t seem any different from your competition.

American Pest Control has served Central Illinois since 1951 and expanded their services to take care of any unwanted vermin their customers might run into. Unfortunately, some of their service pages weren’t getting the online attention they hoped for. They knew they needed to find ways to increase their website traffic, so in April 2019 they came to Big Leap for help.

Our forward-thinking approach to SEO marketing helped American Pest Control target new search terms and queries to gain over 1,000 ranking positions on Google. Find out how Big Leap managed to bring their organic reach to the next level. Feel free to contact our experts to find out what kind of digital marketing could fit your business model.


Our Strategy

After talking with American Pest Control we came up with a strategy that focused on four major pain points.

Website Migration

Part of our routine optimization efforts was to figure out how we can improve what’s already been created. 

Their original website was custom built which made it difficult for American Pest Control to conduct backend changes. The site template created structural challenges that were hard to fix like unaligned images and unreadable text. 

Due to all these issues, we suggested that American Pest Control move their website over to WordPress—a platform that offers easier backend changes, site performance, and ranking.

American Pest Control agreed and worked with Big Leap’s web development team to migrate their site and started seeing almost immediate improvements. We could change the formatting with ease, change the metadata, and the site speed was much faster. 

Developing Service Pages

Another major pain point was their service pages.  All their services were listed on one page, which was not proving to be advantageous from an SEO perspective.

Big Leap decided to get a full list of the pests American Pest Control exterminates and do keyword research for each one. We also researched what kind of pages appear when someone is looking for extermination services. 

Keyword Improvement with Updates

Our SEO experts scanned through American Pest Control’s previous content to see how we could tweak it to start ranking higher on SERP. This involved looking at meta-data, updating keywords, and analyzing older review pages.

New Content for Trending Topics

While conducting our keyword research, we came across many new search terms that American Pest Control didn’t have content for. These search queries came from customers who were looking for very specific pest solutions, so we jumped on this opportunity to increase brand credibility.

We began by looking into customers’ pain points—what pests bother them the most and how do they want to get rid of them? Then, we took this information to determine how American Pest Control could target these issues in their content.

Over the course of a year, our experts continued to create optimized content pages for all of American Pest Control’s individual services to help rank their services at the top of the SERP.

They understand our industry and so they know what is best for our company. -American Pest Control


The Results

Since 2019, our keyword and content optimization efforts have increased American Pest Control is now ranking for 3,000 keywords, compared to 489 keywords in May 2019. That’s an increase of over 500% in just a couple of years!

This graph shows that American Pest Control is now ranking for 3,000 keywords.

We’ve seen steady growth in American Pest Control’s page rankings over the last few years. A total of 3,796 positions have been gained on Google and they’ve moved up 402 local positions for keywords we’ve been specifically targeting.

Due to website updates and the creation of 21 service pages, American Pest Control ranks number one for pest control services in Illinois, compared to their original ranking of 15. Ten of their new service pages are ranking number one. 

American Pest Control is also ranking first organically for over 15 different keywords in Illinois because of our metadata updates, optimizations, and new blog content. 

The boost of various keyword rankings also increased their organic traffic by more than 800%, going from 296 visitors in April 2019 to 2,682 visitors at the end of 2022.

Take Control of Your Marketing Efforts with Big Leap

Do you want your website to garner more attention? Are you unsure of how you can improve your SEO? 

Through extensive research and cutting-edge marketing techniques, Big Leap generates marketing improvements big and small that will get you noticed by potential customers. This way, you can enjoy results that are both impressive and sustainable.

Contact our marketing experts today to discover how a customized marketing plan will connect you with the right customers.

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