How Much Do SEO Packages Cost [and What Do They Include?]

By Janet Lee | December 5, 2023 | 7 min read Reviewed By Bryan Phelps

So, you’ve researched SEO timelines and the benefits they can offer your business. Now comes the most critical question that’s been weighing on your mind—how much do SEO packages cost in 2024, and what do they include? 

Every agency carries its own prices, so we’re here to lay down the costs you’ll get with Big Leap’s team. Let’s get started. 

Search Engine Optimization Package Costs: Pricing Models

Things to Keep in Mind

Before we get into the numbers, we want to set a few things straight: 

  • We can’t sell a simple pre-packaged product at a fixed price. We must have many discussions with the client to determine a service package and final cost. Then, we customize each successful marketing strategy to your needs and goals. 
  • You get what you pay for. Because of the time and work required to progress, the less you pay, the longer it will take to move the needle. Consider this—a study by Backlinko discovered a strong correlation between higher spending and higher client satisfaction. Clients spending above a minimum amount are more likely to be satisfied than those who pay less than the minimum. 

Still, we can estimate what to expect based on our partnerships with former and current clients. 

Two Main Types of Pricing Models

1. Project-Based

This model is best for businesses needing temporary or specific types of help. Examples include writing an email series campaign or creating a large batch of location pages. 

Costs depend on the project’s scope and range from $5,000 to $50,000. 

2. Monthly Retainers or Packages

Monthly retainers are for clients looking for a long-term partnership rather than a one-time project. This model works best for those who want to outsource their SEO or seek a go-to partner for their digital marketing needs. 

Retainers entail contracts that include various monthly services (more details on this next). The exact services to include comes down to: 

  • Your needs or pain points
  • Your short- and long-term goals 

Retainer costs range from $5,000 to $50,000 per month. A good price benchmark for movement and positive results is around $5,000 to $6,000 monthly. 

To ensure you’re moving in the right direction, check to see if you’ve established the proper budget

Monthly SEO Services Included in Packages

Here’s what you can expect from our team during the first few months:


We dedicate the first month to analyzing your site pages and performance to establish a firm foundation for data-driven decisions and a unique campaign strategy.

  • Seed keyword research
  • Competitive keyword gap analysis
  • Enterprise website audit 
  • Web content audit
  • Advanced analytics audit
  • Google E-A-T audit
  • Rank tracking/setup


Month two is when we dive into more campaign elements directly tied to your goals. These elements may include but are not limited to: 

  • Site audit implementation/support
  • Competitive backlink audit
  • Parameters & deadweight audit
  • Reattribution monitoring setup
  • Call-to-action audit
  • Blog content optimization
  • Web content optimization
  • Guest blog post outreach
  • Brand mention/promotional outreach
  • Monthly reporting

Again, as objectives are unique across clients, your SEO checklist may include different or additional items. For example, if your business wants to bolster its local search presence, there may be additional local SEO pricing that includes services such as: 

  • Google My Business audit and setup
  • Apple Maps audit and setup
  • Bing Places audit and setup
  • Map Pack/Map Pack takedown
  • Citation tracking

This is a general overview of Big Leap's services

Read through a few of our case studies to learn more about how services may manifest in a campaign:

SEO Package Quote Process

After discussing your campaign or project goals, the Big Leap team will assess the details and produce a quote with an estimate and Statement of Work (SOW) for your review. 

This quote aims to ensure both sides are on the same page regarding project scope, requirements, timelines, and costs. 

Agency Costs vs. In-House or Freelancer

After all, this is the elephant-in-the-room question, right? 

While you can compare costs to see which digital marketing solution you can or can’t afford, there are less visible considerations to explore. You must examine the value you’re getting. 

For example, consider these four forms of value:

  • Increased gross profit: Revenue is only half the story. Will the agency, in-house team, or freelancer maximize your gross profit and increase revenue? 
  • Reduced cost: Can your partner help reduce costs in the long run? For example, if you have a separate SEO vendor, can the digital marketing partner offer the same or additional services at a lower combined rate?
  • Cost Avoidance: The time and money you invest in a marketing strategy is only worth it if it produces results. Many businesses fall into the trap of thinking a good-looking site page is all they need to bring in leads. But if you don’t optimize that page for SEO or CRO, it’s a sunk cost with no ROI. 
  • Insurance: SEO constantly changes. The ideal partner should follow the latest online marketing and search engine updates. Staying current helps your business minimize or bounce back from dips in online performance (e.g., traffic, rankings). 

It’s not just how much an agency, in-house team, or freelancer will cost. It’s about taking a step back and observing the opportunity costs of not hitting the bullseye.

What About Relying on AI for Digital Marketing?

For Big Leap, it comes down to this—AI is assistive, not autonomous. While we leverage AI to help improve efficiency and provide more value to clients, we keep human thought, creativity, and knowledge at the forefront of our campaigns.

While you can rely 100% on AI to build content, creating people-first content is pivotal. And AI still can’t deliver this. Take a look at these three examples illustrating how and why not. Human-led, AI-assisted content cannot be overlooked. 

AI evolves as we speak, so it’s best to stay vigilant and updated on all things AI and digital marketing. Doing so will be a tool for safeguarding your brand’s credibility.

For more information, read Big Leap’s AI Policy

The Capability and Capacity of an Agency

Realistically, you can hire one full-time in-house marketer for the same amount per year as you’d pay an agency for one-on-one access to its SEO, content marketing, CRO, paid advertising, and web development experts.

Can one person do everything an agency can do? 

  • Workforce: A competent team offers access to a diverse talent pool (knowledgeable in SEO, content marketing, email marketing, reporting, and more). And we guarantee the team’s combined hours and workload will be much higher than one person could handle. 
  • Services: Besides digital marketing, You’ll usually need other services to meet your needs and goals. These services include social media marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and PPC. An agency can offer these to ensure a comprehensive strategy.
  • Growth opportunities: Businesses often use a hub-and-spoke model to scale their marketing efforts. An example is an in-house VP of Marketing who oversees collaboration with an agency. This model allows for maximum control and ultimate flexibility to pull off any strategy required, even at a moment’s notice.

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