Content Marketing Packages 101: How Much They Cost and What You Get

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By Julie Snow | July 31, 2023 | 6 min read

Content marketing can be very effective because it focuses on educating and guiding people deeper into the sales funnel, creating more consistent conversions.

In 2020, 73% of B2B marketers had a content marketing strategy

Percentage of B2B Marketers With a Content Marketing Strategy

In 2021, 98% of B2B marketers said their content marketing was at least minimally successful. 

How B2B organizations rate their content marketing efforts

The biggest factor contributing to this success was “the value our content provides.”

Factors Contributing to B2B Content Marketing Success in Last 12 Months

But there is a problem: Content marketing requires a lot of time and effort to get off the ground and maintained. That’s why many organizations go to experts who offer a variety of content marketing packages

But how much does content marketing cost, and is it worth the price? Keep reading to learn all the key details you need to help guide your decision.  

Content Marketing Package Cost vs. À la Carte Prices

Content marketing package costs from agencies can cover the entire spectrum, ranging from $3k to $60k. Depending on the package you choose from Big Leap, you can get a few months of highly strategized and high-quality content for under $10,000. 

As you research how much content marketing costs, you may notice some offerings aren’t necessary for your business goals. So as you start your relationship with any agency, maybe you’d rather just grab coffee instead of sitting down to a full 12-course dinner. That’s where à la carte pricing comes in.

À la carte prices depend on the specific project and may include a management fee if a retainer isn’t in place. With Big Leap, you can expect one-off content writing pieces to cost $225 to $400+ for blog posts and other minimally designed work. But something more detailed, like a fully written and designed eBook, it can cost a couple thousand dollars.

Quote from Jaime Theler,

What Is Included in Content Marketing Packages?

Because packages can vary between agencies, we’ll use examples from our portfolio. We want to emphasize that content marketing packages from Big Leap are customized based on the needs and goals of our clients. They include blog posts and beyond, like:

  • Buyer persona & audience research

Example of a brand voice & messaging guide via slide deck

  • Style/brand guide
  • Strategic content ideation

Example of content ideation spreadsheet

  • Content repurposing
  • Content marketing campaigns
    • Timely themes & content
    • Channel-specific tactics
    • Link-building outreach
    • Audience-specific offers
  • Quizzes
  • Competitor link research
  • Tracking & transparency

Example of QBR tracking and reporting for MoneyDolly via slide deck

  • New content
  • Local content

Example of local content for the Flatiron Business Center in NYC

Example of a blog post

Example of an ultimate guide content piece for the company VULCAN

Example of a case study about the company Visionworks

  • eBooks

Example of eBook for the company Paystand

  • Email strategy, copy, and implementation

Example of email strategy, copy, and implementation for the company Telemedica

  • Presentations
  • White papers
  • Reports
  • Website design

Example of webpage design for the company CORE

  • Graphic design
    • Guides
    • Landing pages
    • Illustrations
    • Images
    • Infographics

Example of an infographic for the company L3Harris

  • Marketing materials
      • Brochures, invitations, etc.

A Content Package Made for You

We know that’s a long list of options—potentially an overwhelming amount of options—but, luckily, Big Leap offers complete customization of our content marketing packages. As part of our getting-to-know-you process, we learn about the goals for your business or individual campaigns. 

We understand that no business is the same. A business focused on cybersecurity has different goals than an eCommerce business focused on comfort from afar. 

  • When working with a cybersecurity company, we made sure to dive deep into different niche terms and potential keywords so they could stand out from their competitors. 
  • The eCommerce company, Spoonful of Comfort, already had a brand voice and vision but needed help streamlining its entire SEO process. From site migration to content creation, we ensured that getting their message across was as easy as possible. 

But the customization doesn’t stop there, like any good content marketing agency, we’re always adapting based on results. We use quarterly goals, monthly reports, and weekly/biweekly meetings to ensure our strategy is on track. If not, we’ll pivot and create a new, customized plan. 

The Content Project Quote Process

When working with us, getting a quote for a content project takes just three steps:

  1. We loop in our sales team to get basic information about your business and its goals.
  2. We create a detailed estimate and statement of work. The statement is sent to you for approval.
  3. We present you with a contract based on the agreed-upon results.

Using an Agency vs. a Freelancer or AI

There’s no way around it: Freelancers can often undercut agencies on price, and AI can cost nothing. We don’t blame you if you’re tempted to use them to ease your marketing budget. Of course, you get what you pay for—quality freelancers can cost as much as an agency, and those that cost less could potentially cut corners. And, while AI may be free, much of its content creation is built on other’s work and you run the risk of low-quality, possibly plagiarized work. 

Before you make the final decision, your homework is to read Your One-Stop Shop for AI Marketing and Big Leap’s AI Policy.

Now consider all the perks you can get when working with an agency of content marketing experts:

  • A customized content marketing plan built for your business specifically
  • A team of people who know you and your business (saving you from explaining everything multiple times)
  • Consistent contact/office hours
  • An overarching strategy, not just a one-off piece
  • Marketers, designers, and writers working cohesively together
  • A content calendar to reference and keep track of progress
  • A team that values you as a client, not just as an assignment
  • Full transparency with monthly and quarterly content performance reports

Tyler Brown says,

Get Your Money’s Worth by Choosing an Agency

A competitive, customized content marketing package gives you more bang for your buck. An agency will look at your business from top to bottom to craft your message and the best way to convey it. The convenience of having all players in content marketing—like SEO experts, writers, designers, etc.—working closely together saves you so much time and leads to best-performing results. 

Here are some examples of Big Leap’s successes:

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